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diy gender neutral baby mobile

diy gender neutral baby mobile

Well, Banks’ room is SO close to being done and I can’t wait to share it with you! You may remember me sharing an inspiration board I had put together for his room, along with a $12 dresser that I had refurbished — here. I found the most adorable yarn pom baby mobile, but it had a large price tag that I just didn’t feel comfortable spending that much on a decor piece when there is SO much to buy for baby in the beginning. So I decided to DIY my version of the mobile — it was easy!! And I had to share.

What you’ll need:

– Yarn in your chosen color palette

– Scissors

– Hot Glue Gun

– Fabric

– Wood Hoop (I used a wood embroidery hoop — found at Michaels)

Start by making your yarn poms. I chose thicker yarn, so these were super quick and fluffy! I made 20 poms because I had chosen to include five different colors of yarn (i think I had a few left over once I finally put it together).

First, wrap the yarn around four fingers over and over, until it’s thick and full around your hand.

Cut the end (always leave cuts long — you can trim later), and remove from your hand. Cut a long piece of the same color of yarn, tie it around the center of the thick group of loops you just made on your hand (tie it TIGHT and knot it). Leave the ends long.

Cut through the loop that the tie has made and fluff and trim the pom until it has it’s desired fluffiness! Again — leave the long strands from your tie long for now.


For the base of the mobile, grab your wood hoop and wrap your chosen fabric around the hoop using a hot glue gun.

Arrange the poms you’ve made along varying lengths of yarn for the strands in the mobile. Once you have arranged the poms how you would like them to hang, use the long strands of yarn from your original tie to attached them to the pieces of yarn you’ve cut to hang on the mobile base. I used five strands at varying lengths.

You can get creative with how it hangs. I created a tent-like structure with the same color of yarn and used an extra pom to cover my knots. Then we put a simple white hook into the ceiling and hung the mobile on a yarn loop.

I am now obsessed with yarn poms, and want to use them in every project! So, look forward to that…

colorful vintage bohemian nursery inspiration

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