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DIY Tree Branch Holiday Card Display

DIY Tree Branch Holiday Card Display

Every year I wait until the last minute to figure out how I'm going to display my holiday cards! We got our first few in the mail over the weekend so I quickly came up with a super simple display in our living room -- our Christmas tree is in the dining room this year because Banks is officially on the move, and I needed to add some holiday flare to the living room because I'm depressed about our tree!

You'll need the following (yes, there is a hole in the back of our xmas tree):

- Greenery (sturdy tree branches will work best, I cut mine off of our tree)

- Leather Twine

- Gold Safety Pins

- Floral Wire

- Scissors 

Tie the branches together to create the length you desire with the floral wire. Then, cut a strip of leather twine long enough to hang the branches from. 

Cut multiple strips of twine (relatively long) that you'll hang at different lengths from the branches.

Attach the piece for hanging first, using floral wire directly on the branch. Then, attach the remaining pieces while it is hanging on the wall. This way you can visualize the distance between twine pieces, and know how long they will hang. 

Fold the remaining strips over the branch and wrap the floral wire around both sides to create a knot. The branch should be through a loop of leather twine.

Attach your cards at different heights by tying a knot in the leather twine and safety pinning the cards onto the knot. If you don't want to poke holes in your cards, you could use clothes pins to attached your cards (don't forget, it will be heavier). 

And...done! You can add more branches/leather twine as your collection of cards increases. I'm looking forward to filling this bad boy up and extending it -- obviously, holiday cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions!! 

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