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a city hippy wedding | the honeymoon

a city hippy wedding | the honeymoon


1. two hour tour of New York with cousin’s George and David, and the best mediterranean food since Greece.

2. escalator coming off of it’s tracks after getting off of the train in New York while I was half way up it. unharmed because of Morg’s crazy reflexes. i went for a wild ride into a crowd of New Yorkers.

3. 85 degree weather.

4. asking for filtered water in our hotel room and being handed a 5 gallon jug for $5.

5. reading two whole books (how weird is it that reading is such a luxury now?).

6. watching the Superbowl in Spanish with French people.

7. meeting a donkey named Margherita in a medieval city. she tried to eat our pizza.

8. sailing to the breathtaking Saona Island and swimming/standing in a “natural pool” in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

9. zip lining in a Dominican jungle.

10. drinking Presidente in the pool at our hotel with new friends we’ll never see again.

11. driving our “buggy” at full speed through a giant mud puddle and being the dirtiest I have ever been.

12. Morg trekking back to our hotel shoeless and hatless because he gave them both away to Dominican friends/children.

13. nighttime movies via the tablet under the stars on our roof deck.

a city hippy wedding | one month later

a city hippy wedding | one month later

chelsii & quy | meet us at the lodge

chelsii & quy | meet us at the lodge